"I'm a Tech lead in DriverApp team. I like my role because I feel the power to bring my ideas to improve the product, to make it more user-oriented, to change the ways of working of the team. In METRO.digital we have the freedom to experiment and by using the data we can judge whether it was a successful attempt or not.

In METRO.digital, the team is the star. The team has the independence to make decisions and develop a product. No top-down decisions are originating from the management. This approach is very modern and I like it. Working here, I can manage my personal life easily. The company offers great flexible work and home office agreements.

If I were a famous person, I would be Martin Odersky (designer of Scala programming language) and I would be playing a developer or tech lead role. Our team is leveraging functional programming principles and Scala to deliver solutions to our clients. Who would not be better suited for this role than the creator of the language?"

Andrii Sygyda
Senior Full Stack Software Developer, Düsseldorf, Germany

What drives us

Today technology is driving the world. And at METRO.digital we are driving the technology for one of the leading international wholesalers specializing in food - METRO.

Purpose of your new department

As engineering hub we do offer a wide range of positions in digitalization of our wholesale business: from point-of-sale systems and delivery software to e-commerce platforms and mobile assistants. What they all have in common is the passion for technology, sharing and user-centricity. We understand our user by getting involved in product discoveries - meeting METRO customers and employees helps us see real-life challenges and overcome them with technology.

⭐️ Your quest

Deliver and operate crafted software to 8+ mio. users in 25 countries every day!

Required key competencies and qualifications

one major programming language automating Docker Git Kubernetes DevOps software delivery 
automated testing application scaling
*Disclaimer: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Go, Kotlin, Clojure

Good to have

complexity cracker front-end experience Cloud (preferably Google Cloud Platform) love for new technologies and trends

Perks and Benefits

Latest tech stack
Teams decide by themselves what technology to use.

Broad technical equipment
Whatever fits your needs.

Trainings and education
Various workshops and trainings available to enhance your skills.

Flexible work
Work from anywhere, anytime.

Various insurances
We like to be prepared.

Either sports, mindfulness sessions or BBQ, whatever works for you.

Office snacks and drinks
Having a parent company in the food business doesn’t hurt.

Fixed salary
Allowing for secure planning.

Pension plan
We support a safe and worry-free retirement.

Additional equipment at your choice


Operating System



Diversity is our framework

Our diversity is our strength. Collaborating across cultures enhances fresh thinking and brings ideas from every corner. We share our knowledge freely and are always open to learn with and from each other. No matter who you are.

We usually respond within three days.


Metro Straße 12

40235 Düsseldorf