METRO Cloud Competence Hub

For our goal in becoming a cloud-first business, we have set out to establish a METRO Cloud Competence Hub - a center of expertise for all things cloud.

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The three core pillars of METRO's Cloud Competence Hub (CCH) are the driving elements of this initiative.

Cloud adoption

Migrating a significant proportion of our products and services to Google Cloud is an essential step in following up with our goal of becoming a cloud-first business. Having more than 100 projects at and even more across the 25 METRO Wholesale country organizations, we are looking to provide higher scalability and flexibility to our customers, as well as better leverage cross-organizational data and insights.


Cloud education is about enabling a long-lasting transformation across people and processes. Providing learning opportunities to all colleagues across the METRO board is how we support the migration of our products and services to the Cloud. We also like to encourage our colleagues’ passion for new knowledge and opportunities.


Putting together the fresh new skills and technological capability, we are going to act as a catalyst of new ideas and experimentation. We will be solving business problems, building value and accelerating growth for METRO and our partners. By providing tools and resources to integrate innovation practices sustainably in the daily business, we aim at enabling a positive environment to foster a modern approach towards problem-solving. And we are open to collaboration!

As the METRO tech unit, is the official representative of METRO in all information technology related matters. Equipped with a pool of experts both in IT and Wholesale, is METRO's driver in the quest for cloud adoption, education and innovation across the entire organization.

Metro has been partnering with Google since 2018 when some of the Cloud Migrations were kicked off. Providing the tools and experience, Google Cloud has been a great partner throughout this journey.

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As a part of the strategic digital and IT partnership with METRO, Wipro is cooperating with us on achieving our cloud-driven goals to help drive METRO’s transformation agenda.

Office Locations

  • Düsseldorf

    This Is Düsseldorf’s home base is in the heart of METRO’s campus in Düsseldorf, where you can also find the headquarters of METRO and more than 2500 colleagues.  This charming city on the Rhine river offer a diverse city landscape and if you also have a thing for art, it is just the place for you.

    Metro-Straße 12, 40235, Düsseldorf, DE.
  • cluj-napoca

    This Is Cluj-Napoca

    As one of the fastest developing cities in Romania, Cluj Napoca is a hot spot for IT and innovation. Here in our offices you can choose a working space based on your needs, pair with colleagues on different projects and work on exciting products using the latest tech.

    Str. Teodor Mihali 62, 077423, Cluj-Napoca, RO.

Connect with our team

Werner Rath
Werner Rath

METRO Digital
Head of IT Operations

Responsible for METRO's infrastructure and driving the digital transformation through cloud adoption activities.

Christina Lange
Christina Lange

METRO Digital
Digital Academy Lead

Driving METRO's digital transformation through the Digital Academy.

Elena Bogus
Elena Bogus

METRO Digital
CCH Innovation Lead

Coordinating innovation fostering activities and supporting value-driving transformation.

Christof Lojewski
Christof Lojewski

Global Business & Supplier Management

Looking into innovation and creating value for both METRO and our industry partners.

Vinay Ramananda

Heading Cloud Business in Europe

Leads a team deployed across various countries in Europe who engage in designing large Cloud transformation and ITO deals.

Pramod Nair
Pramod Nair

Europe Head of Enterprise Architecture

Responsible for Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Cloud Adoption and Architecture Modernization for Wipro’s Europe based Customers.

Andreas Ribbrock
Dr. Andreas Ribbrock

Google Cloud
Principal architect

Identifying ways to apply Google Cloud's latest technologies to innovative use cases across various business units of METRO.

Marc Schmitz
Marc Schmitz

Google Cloud
Strategic EMEA Retail Organization

Make smarter decisions with the leading data platform.

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