We create an environment where difference is celebrated and everyone is included.
METRO.digital is home to a diverse family.

> 44 nationalities

working as a global team

> 900 colleagues

across 2 countries

6 office locations

in Germany and Romania

Diversity is our framework

Our diversity is our strength. Collaborating across cultures enhances fresh thinking and brings ideas from every corner. We share our knowledge freely and are always open to learn with and from each other. No matter who you are.

Perks and benefits

Every location comes with its own perks and benefits. For more information, check out the individual job opportunities.

Latest tech stack

Teams decide by themselves what technology to use.

Broad technical equipment

Whatever fits your needs.

Trainings and education

Various workshops and trainings available to enhance your skills.

Office snacks and drinks

Having a parent company in the food business doesn’t hurt.


Either sports, mindfulness sessions or BBQ, whatever works for you.

Fixed salary

Allowing for secure planning.

Flexible work

Work from anywhere, anytime.

Pension plan

We support a safe and worry-free retirement.

Various insurances

We like to be prepared.

Meet our M.bassadors


They are true role models who proudly live our values. We are inspired by this dedicated internal community that is taking care of and promoting the brand and our culture, both internally and externally.

Brand & Company

Our M.bassadors trully make the difference by raising the awareness of our brand, creating new brand ideas and actions, sharing the knowledge about our culture, engaging people and creating the sense of community in the company.


They are our partners in recruiting and a crucial part of bigger company events, they organize community events, promote the company on external events, social media and in the whole METRO universe.


A big thank you to all our role models, for their energy and unique devotion in nurturing our home at METRO.digital!

  • Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

  • hannover

    Hannover, Germany

  • bucharest

    Bucharest, Romania

  • Brașov

    Brașov, Romania

  • cluj-napoca

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania