28 February 20234 mins

METRO's Product Manifesto

This blog is nothing but a set of values for successful product management. Our mission is to help product managers of all levels create better products, faster. Join us in the next revolution - product revolution!

Kevin Wong
Written by

Kevin WongProduct Coach

We are uncovering even better ways of developing software in addition to the Agile Software Development Manifesto.

To help teams become empowered in delivering successful products that realise business value sooner, and focus on what matters most, we have come to value:

Owning outcomes over producing outputs.

Clarity in purpose & end user needs over comprehensive tickets & acceptance criteria.

Failing and learning faster vs achieving perfection.

Testing risks & hypothesis over rushing into ideas.

Containing product & technical debts over chasing new features.

Timeboxed continuous discovery over delivering to plan.

Harnessing diverse perspectives over conforming to stakeholder opinions.

Staying relevant & fixing causes over fire-fighting bugs & issues.

Maintaining focus over staying occupied.

Measuring results over assuming an impact.


That is, while there is value in the items on the right,
we value the items on the left even more.


If you want to support and practice these values, you can spread the revolution further! Write a post on LinkedIn on how you are using one value and how it changed your ways of working, tag the company you work for and our company @metro-digitalmd . Show us support and spread the Product Manifesto with the world!