METRO revolutionized an entire industry when it was founded: the arrival of the cash & carry concept enabled customers to find everything they needed under one roof. In a digital world, the days of stacking it high and watching it fly are over. Today METRO offers not only the goods but the complete 360° wholesale experience.

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24 countries

in which METRO wholesale operates

27,1 bn

revenue for 2018/2019

97, 000

employees across Asia and Europe

24 Countries

METRO employees and customers from Asia to Europe use our digital products and services. Our work serves a range of small to large businesses that we categorize into three customer groups.

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Hotels, restaurants, caterers, bars, cafés and canteen operators.

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Small grocery stores, kiosks, street food vendors, petrol stations and more.

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Service Companies and Offices.

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Thefuture is now

and it’sdigital

Cash & Carry disrupted an entire industry, today we are blending years of experience with our digital expertise to keep METRO cutting edge.

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